Beat the casino roulette game — Simply watch the video, follow the given instructions, and you will make some quick cash!

I’m about to show you how to use the simple method, to beat the casino roulette game! The method is legal, easy to apply, and 100% FREE. Simply watch the video, follow the given instructions, and you can make some quick cash. All you need to do, is to dedicate some time, set a budget for the game, and you are ready to go! Bear in mind that this system will only work at online casinos.

Feel free to post any comments or messages relating to the system or video below.

First visit the casinos I have listed here and download the free software:
Casino Blu   888 Casino Casino   Winner Casino

I test dozens of online casinos every month, at the moment, I know of only 4 online casinos, where you can apply and use this method without problems! Don’t waste your time trying to apply this strategy on any other online casinos – or even worse, at offline casinos. It won’t work!

I highly recommend you use the casinos I have listed above, because they offer good, friendly customer service, superb software, Fun Play mode; where you can test this method for FREE, you can collect your winnings in a quick and easy way with PaySafeCard or any other online payment method preferred, and most importantly the system works in these casinos.

After you have downloaded the software you can sign up with Fun Play mode to test this method absolutely FREE, just to proved to yourself that it really does work.

If you want to earn real money, around €300 or even more, in just one day, sign up with real money. To start with, you should deposit around €50 — €80 and remember, you can always withdraw your money, so there is absolutely nothing to lose, only win! All the listed casinos here provide a “FREE Welcome Bonus” proportionate to your deposit, use this to build up your balance, so you won’t even “risk” your own money, only theirs!

But before you invest any funds you should test the technique to understand it better and prove to yourself it works using Fun Play.

The method is based on placing bets on red or black colors, according to two main rules, which you need to remember, and implement while playing.
Rule 1: Start by placing the minimum possible bet on either black or red and click spin. If you lose, double your last bet on the same color and click spin. Repeat until you win.
Rule 2: When you win, place the minimum bet possible on the opposite color and start from Rule 1 again.
Repeat until you reach

These two rules, are the only rules you will have to remember. Now you can watch me make money!

Lets review the method again:

First Bet on one of the colors (Red or Black, start with a small €1 bet).
If you “Lose” You should double the last bet on the same color, until you win.
When you “Win” You should place the minimum bet on the other color.

Main key points to remember:

Don’t try and manipulate the system or play at a casino which isn’t on my list, it won’t work.
This roulette system is legal at online casinos, and 100% FREE.
The method was tested and verified at the casinos I have listed.
You can try the method also in “Fun” or “Practice” modes.
Set a small budget for each game before you play with real money.
Before playing online make sure it is legal to gamble online from your country.

OK, ready to make some quick cash now?

All you need to do is to dedicate a little time, set a budget and you will make money with this simple proven system. I’ve made over €300 in just one day, and you can too!

Here is the list of working casinos once more:

casino-blu-logo   888-casino-logo   casino-com-logo   winner-casino-logo

I have personally tried and tested this method at the online casinos listed above, and as I have mentioned, it worked fine! Also, I recommend you register an account with each of them, so when you win your daily target at one, go to the second, win more, and so on.


  1. Milad.k - September 25, 2015 10:04

    hey buddy.
    can I ask a quation??

    • Andy - September 25, 2015 16:45


  2. RocaWear - September 24, 2015 02:12

    Tried fun money mode, made 200€ to 1200€ under 30 mins, took some risk by rising the bet much more after 4-5 same color row. Just waiting my pay day to start playing. REALLY WORKS, thanks for sharing this tip!

    • Martin - September 26, 2015 01:10

      Hey, how much did you deposit before starting? :)
      And did you ever lose 6-7 times in a row?

  3. Nigro - February 26, 2015 20:00

    Hello, my name is nigro and recently I played online casino. This is actually a legitimate method I’m assuming, but don’t get carried away. The odds of losing everything aren’t impossible.

  4. Mathijs Moonen - February 4, 2015 21:20

    Which game should I pick, there is American roulette, Roulette PRO, Premium Roulette PRO, European Roulette, Premium European Roulette…which one?!?

    • Andy - February 4, 2015 21:29

      Online casinos do tend to offer both American and European roulette, however, you should always choose European roulette as it offers far better odds to the players.

      All European roulette games feature a single zero wheel, without the double-zero (00) found on American wheels. This is immediately beneficial for the player, as it lowers the house edge on most bets to just 2.7%.

  5. Mike Davis - February 4, 2015 15:41

    I admit I was skeptical, but, simple logic dictates that the opposite color has to come up, it’s a 50/50 between Red and Black (yes, I know the odds are really about 48% with the Green 0 factored in), but, the opposing color has to appear and if’ you’ve been doubling your money – You cannot lose!

    Thanks Andy – this will be a huge help.

  6. Joe - February 4, 2015 14:36

    I don’t know much about roulette, but using this system I was able to easily make some quick cash time after time!


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